AppFriends is a HacknCraft made software to super charge any mobile or web app. We provide turn key backend REST API and well designed front end components to our customers, so that the apps can be made way faster and better than normal. Besides a giving a head start of development, AppFriends offers comprehensive features to solve the user engagement problem, provide analytics and admin control of the app.

Daily Bracket Use Case

DB image AppFriends helped DailyBracket with user engagement. After 10 minutes integrating AppFriends to their app, DailyBracket users can chat in public chat channel, follow each other, private messaging, see activities and receive notification. It greatly improved the user engagement that we saw 300% improvement with user session duration and session length.

See AppFriends in action inside DailyBracket

Users who use AppFriends are staying 3x longer inside our app. It took 10 minutes to integrate and saved us months of development time - I'm not sure what else I can say. Jake Sutker, Co-founder of DailyBracket

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